New version of Pilot´s Stock Plugin

    At Pilot we continue working to facilitate all the stages of your sales processes, that is why we launched the new version of the Stock Plugin.

    With our Stock Plugin it is very easy to display your inventory on your website without the need for any integration and at no additional cost. The new version of the tool is simpler and better suited to each Pilot customer’s brand.

    Thanks to the plugin, publishing your stock online directly to your website will take no more than a couple of seconds. With a single click it is possible to display or remove the vehicle you want on your page instantly.

    You just have to access the Stock module; choose the vehicle you want to publish and then click on the “Publish on the web” button and that’s it! To remove it the process is the same.

    If the published unit is reserved or assigned to a sale in Pilot, don’t worry: the system automatically takes care of deleting the publication.

    Contact our Genius Team for more information and to be given your link to use our plugin.

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