Centralized Contact Center: a growing trend in the main car dealership groups

    The way we buy and sell vehicles has changed a lot in the past decade. If a few years ago a potential customer visited 3 or 4 dealerships to get the best offer, today with just a few clicks he has access to hundreds of options. With all this competition, a great costumer support ends up being substantial to get new clients. In this case, a centralized and specialized Contact Center has a really important role.

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    #PiloTips: Sell accessories automatically

    With the Contact Center module it is possible to offer accessories to your customers automatically. Generate an online survey with your accessories offer and we will send you alerts with the sales made.  

    If you already have the Contact Center module activated, contact our Genius Team for more information. In case you do not have it activated you can request it here.


    #PiloTips: assign businesses

    If a client decides to change the business type (ex: between a new car and a used one) in the purchase process, and that process is handled by different collaborators, Pilot can automatically redirect the lead to the new collaborator, so you don’miss any sale possibility 

    Contact our Genius Team for more information 

    Whatsapp integration

    Pilot allows you to add a Whastapp button to your website or landing page to facilitate communication with your leads. In case a visitor is interested in communicating with your business, Pilot will open the WhatsApp channel with the seller. And the best part is that you can easily implement it with just a few clicks! 

    Manage your used car dealership professionally with Pilot CRM.