The artificial intelligence solution applied to sales integrated into Pilot Solution

    Together with Pilot, our partner Prime Action developed an exclusive tool, based on data science and AI, to improve lead and customer management.

    Unprecedented in the automotive industry, Prime Action’s solution benefits Pilot users by generating valuable results. Those are some of them:

    · Identification of hot leads: those leads and offers that are more likely to become sales.

    · Assertive prospecting: which customers are most likely to switch vehicles in the coming months.

    · Digital culture: how to manage and improve the quality of CRM data.

    · Marketing campaign optimization: what is the best investment option for a specific customer profile.

    · Sales team effectiveness: who are the best and worst salesman and how to improve their performance.

    With more than 25 years of experience in the Brazilian and Mexican industry, Prime Action helps its clients manage, develop and transform their Market Channels, ensuring effectiveness and taking advantage of the full potential of marketing and sales actions. Its portfolio includes multiple clients in the automotive industry, such as FCA, Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault and Nissan.

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