With the help of Pilot Solution, Diesa was able to give better follow-up with customers

    In mid-2020, with the implementation of Pilot Solution, the car dealership Diesa, from Paraguay, took a new and definitive step to solve some problems that didn’t allow efficient management.

    According to Diana Vera, business intelligence at Diesa, the biggest problem the dealership had at the time was the difficulty of keeping track of its customer base and making sure that they were really well served by the sales team.

    “I was surprised by how friendly and flexible it is for the sales team, since our biggest problem was being able to follow up with them to see how well our customers were served. And, above all, give them a tool that helps them manage and does not hinder their day-to-day life”, explains Diana.

    According to Diana, Pilot is a CRM that contributes positively to the follow-up that one wishes to give to customers. “And, on the other hand, the comprehensive management of the system makes the indicators we have as a company much easier to measure,” she adds.

    Before using Pilot, Diesa had already worked with other platforms that had not given her the expected results in customer management. Another advantage of the tool according to Diana is the support they receive from the Pilot team. “They have a lot of patience with us!”

    Diana tells us that, after several months of use, she also tries to provide suggestions for improvements based on her user experience. For Pilot, this exchange is very important and we are constantly listening to what our customers say to further enhance the use of the platform.

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