New feature Hook for survey registration

    At Pilot we continue working to facilitate all the stages of your management on our platform, therefore, we launched the hook that allows you register surveys in the system.

    What does this new functionality allow?

    From an external system or from Pilot, it’s now possible to register a survey automatically. In addition, when registering it is possible to send who we want to assign the survey to.

    Example use cases:

    Case 1: If your sales team needs to do a survey 48 hours after the vehicle is delivered, now, with the rule’s engine, it will be possible to register the survey from the Pilot hook and assign the same seller as a surveyor. In this way, the survey is created and assigned to the seller and the evidence of the call will remain for subsequent control.

    Case 2: An ERP can automatically register a survey in Pilot through the hook. For example, if you want to generate surveys from your accounting system after the delivery of the vehicle, you can do it without any inconvenience, since with this new functionality it is possible to generate surveys from other systems.

    If you have any questions, you can contact the Support area for guidance on how to use it.

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