Our partners transform the way to do business

    At Pilot we have favourite partners, with whom we work side by side to enhance even more the use of our platform. Through a simple integration, they help our clients to have a more efficient management in order to reach more clients, provide better service and achieve goals.

    Therefore, in the face of the new market context that was established last year, with new purchase modalities and management, we offer options that will allow you to continue creating opportunities. Get to know them:

    Insurance Brokers

    Add an insurance program to your car dealership and incorporate a new commercial channel that will generate new income, without allocating economic or human resources.

    At all times you will be able to keep track of your insurance portfolio from Pilot, with an exclusive report. You will get the control of everything that is going on in your portfolio.

    Risk Group – Only in Argentina

    With Risk Group you can generate new business opportunities and get an extraordinary income, very profitable in the short and medium term. You can keep track of everything that happens from Pilot.

    UP Seguro – Only in Argentina

    Create your insurance unit with UP Seguro and access the best transformation rate and absolute control. Provide your clients a different solution.

    WhatsApp/bot: Gapway

    Gapway is a communication platform that includes a WhatsApp bot that will allow your leads to contact your business 24/7. Also, your salespeople will be able to talk by WhatsApp to potential clients and everything will be registered.

    This tool revolutionizes the entry of your leads to Pilot, since with its personalized bot, the client can automatically direct their query to the corresponding department.

    E-commerce: Lamason Agency

    Today it is extremely important that you have online presence so that your clients can reach you. With Lamason you can get your own on-line shop in less than 24 hours.

    Sell your 0km or used vehicle, accessories and spare parts in an easy and simple way. Synchronize your leads directly to Pilot and publish automatically your products in your on-line store.

    IP Telephony: net2phone

    Join cloud telephony and transform your dealership communications!

    Talk directly from Pilot with your leads and clients and with only one click, every call will be registered in Pilot. Your teams will always be communicated, from the office or from home. You will be able to manage all your calls so that your clients get the best attention, setting call queues, welcome messages and much more.

    Lower telephone costs, access every call with your leads and clients from Pilot and gain all the advantages that will allow you to provide the best attention.

    Email marketing: Envíalo Simple

    It is very important to connect with your actual and potential clients. Being able to send them the information you need to enhance your business with only a couple of clicks is essential.

    Thanks to this integration you will be able to run marketing campaigns and synchronize three lists from Pilot: Leads, Opportunities and Sales. You will only have to worry about what content your contacts need to continue on creating opportunities for your dealership.

    Turn your contacts into sales!

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