Boost your quotations in Pilot and make the most of its advantages

    Pilot´s electronic quotation is a powerful tool that your customers will love and will help you to close more sales. That is why we recommend that you use all of the available resources correctly.

    Remember that Pilot informs you every time a client reads the budget, and with that information you can do a better follow up. On the other hand, if you share it and your customers don’t read it, that is also relevant information, since you will be able to communicate with them by other means. Don’t let anything slip away!

    We are aware that you probably already know and use frequently Pilot´s Electronic Quotation, but are you really making the most of its functionalities? We share with you some tips for use:

    • For the customer to feel closer to the seller, it is very important that the seller has added a good quality photo to their profile, with the company’s uniform.
    • Make sure that the address and phone number of the dealer in the ABM of branches are correct, so that Google Maps can show the exact location of the dealer inside the budget, and your clients will easily find it.
    • Among the resources available to personalize your Electronic Quotation, is the possibility of adding a predesigned html code with the visual identity of the company and the brand of the quoted vehicle.
    • It is very important that your Pilot Catalogue is complete with all the information that may be of interest to your clients, such as photos, 360° videos, configurations and technical data sheet. You can also add test drive videos or static demonstrations of the products. This functionality is available for 0km vehicles. Differentiate yourself from your competition!
    • Make sure that the seller´s cellphone number is correctly completed so that your clients can get in touch by WhatsApp directly from the Electronic Quotation.
    • And last, keep an eye on the notifications to be aware every time a client views the quotation.

    Take advantage of all the functionalities our Electronic Quotation has and increase your sales probabilities!

    If you have any doubts contact our Genius Team

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