Changes in the interview report

    We made an improvement in the interview report. Now you have more information and can monitor your teamwork.

    From now on, in addition to showing visits in the showroom and deliveries, the report will also show visits made to clients outside the showroom. The icons that appear before the client’s name indicates where the meeting was made.

    If the icon is a house, it means that the visit was made at the customer’s house or workplace. If what comes before the name is a person icon, it means that the meeting was made in the showroom. And finally, if the icon is a car, it indicates that a delivery was made.

    Both the report and the interview board are available to all users who have a team in charge, if you do not have it you can request from our support team.

    We continue working to facilitate all stages of your sales process and give you the best at any time.

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