Case of success: process and lead management improved with Pilot

    The Uruguayan dealership Carper needed an efficient tool to help improve its customer follow-up management, processes and tasks for coordinating deliveries. Pilot had the solution and the match was perfect!

    Carper started using Pilot at the end of 2020 and with just a few months of use the whole team was able to benefit from all the advantages that the platform brought them.

    According to Magdalena Pereira, commercial director of Carper Automobiles, one of the features that most caught her attention when she met Pilot were the reports. “We were impressed with the fact that we had real-time reports on the different situations at the dealership. The CRM is very powerful, the volume of new things is fabulous. We can say that nothing is missing, everything is covered there with a history of changes”, she affirms.

    After trying different CRMs to try to organize his lead management, Carper was finally able to find all the functionalities he needed in one place. “The difference is noticeable between the other CRMs we tested. As I told you on another occasion, Pilot is more than a CRM. It is a vital platform for a dealership”, reiterates Magdalena.

    For the commercial director, the platform has very complex functionalities, but at the same time it is easy to use and, in addition, it has the virtue that it can be customized. “The CRM adapts to your needs. And the fact that it hardly depends on technical support for customization makes it agile and at the same time comfortable”, she adds.

    Training and support

    According to Magdalena, beyond the level of operation of the tool is very intuitive, the most complex part is facilitated through monthly trainings. “With the courses they give us, everything is done perfectly. And if there are doubts, we write to support and it is solved right away”.

    And speaking of support, for her, Pilot’s is something to highlight. “Quick response when working with software is crucial today. And Pilot answers in less than an hour! In addition, there are always trainings to continue improving and to be able to surpass in knowledge”, she endorses.

    At Pilot we are happy to have once again fulfilled our mission: to provide the best solutions to our clients and to keep them always satisfied.

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