Get closer to your customers by sharing your virtual showroom 24 hours a day

    With the Pilot Stock plugin, your customers will be able to access your complete inventory from their cell phone through a QR code pasted on the window of your dealership.

    Having your dealership closed, outside of business hours, will no longer prevent you from attracting customers who pass by.

    With our Stock plugin you will be able to copy the link to your inventory, generate a QR code in any free QR Code Generation tool, and then paste it on your window indicating that it is the virtual showroom.

    Thus, your potential customers will have access to your products 24/7 from their cell phone in a few seconds. In addition to being able to see all the relevant information on each car, such as photos and technical data sheet, they will also be able to leave their questions about the product that interests them.

    Extra tip: You can also use the QR code for advertisements or any opportunity you have to expose your stock.

    Don’t miss out on any sales opportunity!

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