Centralized Contact Center: a growing trend in the main car dealership groups

    The way we buy and sell vehicles has changed a lot in the past decade. If a few years ago a potential customer visited 3 or 4 dealerships to get the best offer, today with just a few clicks he has access to hundreds of options. With all this competition, a great costumer support ends up being substantial to get new clients. In this case, a centralized and specialized Contact Center has a really important role.

    Centralized Contact Center is already a reality in the automotive industry. From Pilot, we developed an application called HUB Leads for dealerships that allows you to set up your Contact Center and send hot leads to your dealers even if they don’t use Pilot or any CRM platform.

    By centralizing your dealerships group’s Contact Center, you will be able to assemble a small team who will provide primary and quick customer service to potential buyers and then obtain hot leads for your salespeople to close deals more efficiently. In addition, you will be able to create rules to set up automatic replies and also have access to centralized reports for better management control.

    This process ensures customer satisfaction, decreases costs and improves closing sales. It’s also possible to specialize the Contact Center by area, brand or type of product for a super personalized service. After that, your salespeople can take action to close the sale.

    Pilot helps you to manage your Contact Center sending leads through our platform to all your dealers and consolidating their databases so that you can work with them at any time. Thus, in addition to improving service, you can have a unified database that allows you to carry out re-marketing actions to decrease your costs per lead.

    What can I do with the Pilot Solution HUB Leads app?

    • Control the service of all your dealers, receiving contacts on a central platform.
    • Integrate all your sources:

    Automotive websites


    Your web page

    Landing pages


    Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

    Google Ads and more

    • Import databases in a simple way to work with your Contact Center.
    • Integrate with IP telephony to have all your calls recorded and access them from Pilot whenever you want.

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