Pilot Power

    Whatsapp integration

    Pilot allows you to add a Whastapp button to your website or landing page to facilitate communication with your leads. In case a visitor is interested in communicating with your business, Pilot will open the WhatsApp channel with the seller. And the best part is that you can easily implement it with just a few clicks! 

    Manage your used car dealership professionally with Pilot CRM. 

    Stock: Cost control

    With Pilot’s Stock application you can massively control the poducts in your inventory as well as repair costs and expenses. You can also upload photos of the vehicles and share on WhatsApp with your customers with one click. 

    Manage your agency professionally with Pilot CRM. 

    Leads: Sales and after-sales service

    Our Leads module for HUBs allows you to automate the leads entry, configure auto responses, alerts and multiple queues. And the best part is that your dealerships can have Pilot, another CRM, or nothing! Pilot is in charge of sending you the information of your new leads.